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Act Against Bullying was set up to help people like you, who may be being bullied. Together we can make your life happier.

We know that if you are being bullied you may be too frightened to tell anyone. You don’t want to cause trouble for other people. It would upset your parents, you think. And if you tell on the bully, it might even make things worse for yourself. So you just hope the bullying will stop. We understand that. Maybe you are being bullied by someone you thought was a  friend. Don’t want to lose them? Or an adult you thought you could trust is being scary.  At times like this you can feel that there is no one to turn to. Who will understand how you are feeling? We will try to help.

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Maybe bullies:

  • Tease you
  • Push you around
  • Hide your things
  • Hit you
  • Spread bad rumours about you
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Sometimes bullies:

  • Ignore you
  • Leave you out of events
  • Make you do dangerous things
  • Force you to hand over your things
  • Make you be nasty to other people

You can get bullied in many different ways, can’t you?

And it’s not just at school, is it? They’re on Facebook and Whatsapp. Maybe you are being picked on during your bus trip. Or after sports. Or they organise events out of school and don’t invite you so that you are stopped from being with your friends. And if you meet them in the street they try and humiliate you.  They may hit you when no one is looking.

Sometimes bullies:

  • Call you rude names
  • Force you to tell lies
  • Tell people that you are telling lies

Adults can also bully you. They can do it by making you feel silly or embarrassed in front of other people. Or by screaming at you, laughing loudly in your face and scaring you half out of your wits.

It can be very difficult to do something about it especially if the bully is the one you would normally go to about being bullied. Think bullying is wrong? Email us at

Bullying in the playground

Playgrounds are a fun place to hang out with your friends, run around, and play games. However, sometimes things can go wrong, and people can start pushing or bullying others. In this article, we will talk about what it means to push and bully, and how we can prevent these behaviors from happening.

Pushing is when someone uses their body to push another person, causing them to move or fall. This can happen accidentally, like if you are playing a game and accidentally bump into someone. But sometimes, pushing can be deliberate, and it can be a form of bullying. If someone is constantly pushing you, making you feel uncomfortable or scared, or trying to hurt you, this is not okay.

Young people’s bullying can include pushing

Bullying is when someone repeatedly picks on another person, either physically, verbally, or emotionally. This can include pushing, hitting, teasing, name-calling, or excluding someone from a group. Bullying can make someone feel sad, scared, or alone, and it is never acceptable.

If you see someone pushing or bullying others on the playground, it is important to speak up and tell an adult. Adults can help to stop the behavior and make sure everyone is safe. If you feel comfortable, you can also try talking to the person who is doing the pushing or bullying and ask them to stop. Sometimes, people do not realize that their actions are hurting others, and a conversation can help them to understand.

Remember that everyone deserves to feel safe and happy on the playground. Treat others the way you would like to be treated, and always be kind to one another. If you see someone who is feeling left out or sad, try to include them in your games and activities. Together, we can make the playground a fun and safe place for everyone to enjoy!

If the bullying is happening online
Tell a trusted adult – your parents or carers, or a teacher.  Tell your parents to  report abuse straightaway.  

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