The Street Stall at Bulwell Market….or Singing in the Rain!

Saturday morning dawns bright and ominously calm as I pack the car for my very first street stall. A good way to meet the public is to hold a street stall, advises the party literature sent out to the uninitiated.

My back garden table, pressed into service for the occasion, doesn’t quite fit in the boot and sticks out over the bumper. I eye it worrying. Was it one meter or a half of overhang allowed? Looks OK I think hopefully. Already late, we pile in the pamphlets and head off to collect a supporter.

The forecast is calling for a front to pass through later says my Campaign Manager, in a grumpy mood because he wasn’t allowed enough time to finish his toast. `Oh by the way I couldn’t find the pin to lock the table legs in position. Didn’t you put that somewhere odd?’ I ignore the question.

Supporter collected, car parked and we lug all the stuff to the Market Place where Drew, the Market Organiser, gives us a spot under a tree, and kindly helps us set up.

`You might need that tree later’ he says looking cheerfully towards the already darkening skyline.

`You did put in the canopy didn’t you?’ I ask grumpy Campaign Manager who has spotted a nearby Greggs.

`Ermm, I thought the front would pass through late in the day’ he replies evasively and heads off for some buns and coffee.

The great British Public observe our stand with bemused interest. Take up rate so far for our pamphlets isn’t exactly threatening stock levels as the first droplets land on my nice blue table cloth. Next, a great scramble to salvage the literature as the heavens open up. With just one umbrella duty demands it be placed over my one large campaign poster. The wind picks up collecting up with it my pile of calling cards, strewing them across Bulwell market place. Now outright laughter from the public sheltering in Wilko’s doorway as we pathetically attempt to retrieve what we can.

Campaigning in the rain doesn’t make me feel like this! (One of my favourite films.)

My manifesto:

My priorities if elected are to focus on the following:

Education. Major emphasis on raising standards in our schools to deliver a much brighter future for our children
Policing. Clamping down on shoplifting and anti-social behaviour with a zero-tolerance approach to domestic abuse.
Growth. Increasing apprenticeships, encouraging small business start ups and fighting Labour’s unfair Workplace Parking Levy.
You can read more about my plans HERE

About me:

I am married to Donald. We have two grown up daughters, and we live in Nottingham.
I am the founder of a national children’s anti bullying charity.
We work with schools across the country and I am known as one of the country’s most formidable campaigners on the subject of anti-bullying issues.

You can read more about me HERE

In the community:

Discussing the future of UK shipbuilding on jobs Nottingham

Discussing the future of UK shipbuilding on jobs Nottingham

Laying a wreath at St Mary’s Church Bulwell

Laying a wreath at St Mary’s Church Bulwell

With the line dancers at Rise Park Community Centre

With the line dancers at Rise Park Community Centre

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