It’s freezing and heading lower as Campaign Manager drops me at the residents meeting, called to discuss cuts the council will be imposing because of the Big Bad Wolf, the Government. I’d decided it would be useful to attend as an observer.

`What time does it end?’ asks CM planning to spend the wait somewhere warm.’

`8 at the latest. I’ll text you.’

I introduce myself as a PPC to the organiser who makes it obvious he isn’t particularly impressed by the party I represent. Positioning myself discretely at the back of the hall with the Police Officers I settle back for the Power Point presentation.

When this ends, an elderly resident immediately delivers a lengthy shopping list of complaints written on a scrap of paper. I sense from the Councillors resigned silence he is well known to them.

The meeting peters out inconclusively well before time. I exit hoping to salvage what’s left of the evening. Time to text for the pick-up.

‘Ended early, so I’m outside now.’

Temperature now well below zero and cuts straight through my bargain Made in Sri Lanka jacket as I check the phone. Nothing.

Try a call which goes straight to voice mail. Send another text somewhat more pointed than the previous.

‘Where the hell are you? I’m freezing my chest off out here.’

All the others have driven off by now and I am all alone on a very very dark night. I start pacing up and down on what I now see as my corner of St Albans Road and contemplate the options. One is that I will definitely kill the CM when he gets here. The coldest hour of my life passes.

Slowly I cruise the deserted street looking hopefully at each passing car. I notice that several have started slowing down as they pass, checking me out. Oh no! This is getting serious. I am not about to start on a career change at my stage in life.

More texts sent, the content too rude to repeat. Suddenly the phone comes to life. It’s CM at last.

‘On the way. Was in a blank spot. Just round the corner in the café actually. Sorry’

As I climb into the car I decide that if elected I will do something about phone coverage in Bulwell. And I am still going to kill the CM.



My manifesto:

My priorities if elected are to focus on the following:

Education. Major emphasis on raising standards in our schools to deliver a much brighter future for our children
Policing. Clamping down on shoplifting and anti-social behaviour with a zero-tolerance approach to domestic abuse.
Growth. Increasing apprenticeships, encouraging small business start ups and fighting Labour’s unfair Workplace Parking Levy.
You can read more about my plans HERE

About me:

I am married to Donald. We have two grown up daughters, and we live in Nottingham.
I am the founder of a national children’s anti bullying charity.
We work with schools across the country and I am known as one of the country’s most formidable campaigners on the subject of anti-bullying issues.

You can read more about me HERE

In the community:

Discussing the future of UK shipbuilding on jobs Nottingham

Discussing the future of UK shipbuilding on jobs Nottingham

Laying a wreath at St Mary’s Church Bulwell

Laying a wreath at St Mary’s Church Bulwell

With the line dancers at Rise Park Community Centre

With the line dancers at Rise Park Community Centre

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