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Support our Campaigns

Childhood should be a time when we feel safe and protected. Our campaigns can make sure bullying does not stop that happening.

We’ve made quite a splash with our campaigns. But with your help, we can continue to change social attitudes and help parents across the UK keep their children protected against bullying and abuse while they are growing up.


The Cool to Be Kind Campaign

The Cool to be Kind Campaign began as our anti-bullying initiative in 2001 using the slogan ‘Don’ t be Rude, Don’t Exclude, Don’t Push In and Don’t Hurt to Win’. The slogan was so successful that we have kept it running. Many organisations and charities are now running Cool To Be Kind Campaigns across the globe.

Why was it formed? At the time bullying behaviour within our society was on the increase and kindness and consideration for others appeared to be decreasing. Courtesy was out of fashion. We have been campaigning since that time to make kindness ‘cool’ again. It was clear to us that many potentially bullying situations arose out of rude or inconsiderate behaviour. Its aim is to encourage promote empathy.

Cool to be Kind Day as an anti-bullying Initiative?

The nature of bullying has altered to a more insidious, manipulative form which is difficult for schools to detect and deal with. Much of what goes on happens in secret and goes unreported. Read ECD. Statistics show that 80 per cent of children would not be involved in bullying activity unless they were encouraged by their peer group to do so as part of ‘cool’ credentials. If we can change peer dynamics that support and maintain this behaviour we can save lives with this campaign. At the same time we can make our society more pleasant to live in.


Cool to Be Kind In Schools

Our Cool to be Kind Campaign is perfect for schools particularly during Anti-Bullying week. It offers an upbeat approach to raising the issue of bullying. The children are encouraged to follow the rules of the campaign with a simple talk. It’s a way of teaching empathy. They are at the same time learning about how bullying affects victims. It helps develop assertiveness,  explore personality and positive self-esteem.

Parents and teachers like the straightforward honest values of Cool to be Kind as a bullying deterrent.

Why not join in with it yourself? Perhaps during Anti Bullying Week 2023 which is organised each year by the ABA


Cyberkind Campaign

Please join in our campaign. Together we can reduce the effects of cyberbullying on all children.

Our Campaign Aim: To promote Act Against Bullying’s values and beliefs in motivating and inspiring others to be kind on the net.

  1. To attract all internet users to the cause to aid Act Against Bullying in counteracting cyberbullying of children.
  2. To raise awareness of the benefits that kindness and civility on children’s esteem.
  3. To engender goodwill across social networking sites used by young people to allow the internet to continue to deliver as an educational tool.


Why This Campaign Came About

Social networking is the way of life for so many children and young people.  But cyberbullying on the increase and we need to do something to stop it. So join in AAB’s Cyberkind Campaign.

Its important to counter the unpleasantness on the net. It didn’t begin that way.  The internet began as an open sourced sharing community valuing education and communication. But there are those who are using this great facility for bullying and criminal activity. As a result too many children are now at risk of being abused online. That’s why we need cyberkind.

  • Perform a random act of cyberkindness everytime you log on.
  • Identify any user of the internet who is helpful, courteous or inspirational. Reward their efforts with our hashtag #cyberkindperson
  • Add a link to this page from your site and encourage others to join this campaign.
  • Assess your friends and co-workers and give them a #cyberkindperson thumbs up. This can be someone of any age. We need adult role models to encourage young people.
  • Organise a CyberKind Conference at your school or place or work to discuss social networking sites, cyberabuse and how to spread the Cyberkind campaign.
  • Download and display our CyberKind posters in your school or office. Click on the small image below to access the poster in pdf.
  • Become a fan on our Facebook page.
  • Support our online volunteers
  • Become an Online Volunteer by spreading the word of this campaign.


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