Just don’t worry about it

Just don’t worry
What a stupid phrase
Are you really helping
Or encouraging
Maybe it’s just praise
For them,
Who condemn!

Just don’t worry?!
Are you joking,
Or provoking
Really does it make you feel high,
Because it makes people cry,
And shy!

Just don’t worry?!
Is it really worth it,
To make others want to quit,
Feel stuck in a pit,
And just submit
We want to explain it,
But don’t wanna feel like it’s worth it

Just don’t worry?!
What’s the point
To disappoint?
To make us feel disjoint?
Really be honest,
Do you think it’s modest?
Believe me it’s just an accepted unjust

Just don’t worry!?
Why explain?
People are in pain
So please restrain
Because really it’s just in vain
Like, what do you obtain?
Or gain?

Just don’t worry about it!?
What a stupid phrase

Written by Ethan Schofield (Aged 14 at time of writing)


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