Sexual Harassment Has No Place In Our Schools

Empathy, good manners and stricter punishments for sexual bullying could stop the wave of violence in schools, says Louise Burfitt-Dons, founder of children’s charity Act against Bullying.

A recent BBC Freedom of Information request revealed that 5,500 sexual offences, including 600 rapes, were reported to police as having taken place in schools over a 3-year period. That’s almost exactly one rape per school day.

Young people are accessing violent sexual images online. They are obviously confused about what is a normal relationship. Figures show that 60% have seen porn by the age of 14. Instead of playing on the swing, young girls are getting pressured into having sex.


Children should not be experiencing sexual abuse in the classroom. We owe children and their parents the knowledge that they will be safeguarded at school.

We support the need for age-appropriate information on sexual relationships. We emphasise the importance of the teaching of the fundamentals of friendship, civility and respect for all.

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