Lockdown bullying studied

Lockdown Bullying 

There’s no doubt this pandemic changed social attitudes on a whole range of topics. Surveys showed  that 36 percent of people appreciated their neighbourhood and communities more than they did before. 50 percent of people reported having grown closer to their loved ones. So there have been some pluses come out of the past couple of years.

Were we kinder during lockdown?

Kindness and togetherness have featured as a theme, and we’ve learnt of heroism and selfless acts not seen for many years. However, there was also a rise in snitching behaviour reminiscent of closed societies.Was it kind to report someone breaking lockdown to protect vulnerable people? Or a selfish act? Judgmental? As always, kindness toward others is to a degree subjective and complicated.

Cyberbullying was up

With schools being closed, bullying activity was down. But cyberbullying, sexual exploitation online and fraud rocketed. There was also a marked increase in family stress and inter-family bullying because of the lockdown situation.

Research by the Jill Dando Institute

The Jill Dando Institute which informs police organisations and charities such as Act Against Bullying carried out some research into the way our lives  changed. Below are some of their findings, which may be of interest.

School Bullying during lockdown

Change in crimes during the pandemic

Domestic Abuse During lockdown

Online gambling during lockdown

Online child sexual exploitation during lockdown

Stalking during lockdown





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