Making friends

How to Make Friends


We all want people to like us. You are certainly not alone in wanting to make friends. No one wants to be on their own all the time. However, if you try too hard to make people like you the chances are they will shy away from you. Why is that? Sometimes people who work  at being liked can come across as ‘clingy’ or demanding. So here is some advice on how to develop into that ‘cool ‘ new you just by being yourself. And trying some different things.

Popular people are…


…generally easy to get along with. If you like them ‘that’s cool’. If you don’t like them ‘that’s cool too’ is their attitude. If you call them, ‘that’s cool’. If you don’t call them ‘that’s cool too’. Why? Because they’ve got lots of other friends. They give the impression that they know lots of people, even if they don’t.  So rather than trying to make one particular friendship they make sure they get along with as many people as they can. Wondered why they look so confident?  Well, that’s why.  And because they look happy and relaxed, other people want to be with them.

Popular people…

  • Have a friendly expression on their face most of the time
  • Can say nice things to people without it sounding false
  • Smile more
  • Laugh at other people’s jokes
  • Are kind most of the time
  • Offer to help out with little things like lending a biro or picking stuff up off the floor
  • Involve themselves in ‘people’ events
  • Say ‘hi’ to everyone
  • Are good at thinking up what other kids like to do
  • Like to have fun if its available
  • Are good at organising things
  • Give the impression they know everyone
  • Like other people to do well
  • Are smart, but not full of themselves
  • Are modest


Why not practice some of these? See how you get on.  Anyone can be friendlier if they try. Getting along with other people is very important. But it is sometimes very difficult to do. You can only do your best.

Remember: Don’t try too hard to make friends. Just try your best to get along with as many people as possible. Particularly new people you meet.