Act Against Bullying invites schools to use their monologues

Act Against Bullying is offering schools the use of their monologues as a tool to prevent bullying and promote empathy among students.

These monologues, which were originally written by the charity’s founder Louise Burfitt-Dons in 2000 and have since been updated to address contemporary issues such as cyberbullying, social media, sexting, and parental abuse, have been used by hundreds of schools and organizations.

Act Against Bullying recommends using role-play and discussion in conjunction with the monologues to help students understand and internalise the themes depicted. The charity believes that “bullying starts with the little things” and aims to address these issues by fostering empathy in students.

Research has shown that some students may not actively participate in bullying, but may go along with a group out of fear or disengagement.

The monologues can be particularly effective in highlighting the negative impact of such behavior on both the target of bullying and the students themselves.

To access the first set of monologues, visit

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