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Twelve Books on Bullying Which May Help

Updated 14th October Bullies: Monologues on Bullying for Teens and Adults by Jim Chevalier. Amazon. £2.75 ISBN   2014. This collection of monologues looks at bullying from different points of view: those of the victims and the bullies, of teachers and parents, of...

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How modern tribalism is fuelling some nasty bullying

It may be cool, but can also be deadly: Tribalism Tribalism has become pervasive. As an anti-bullying advocate dealing with young people, I’ve seen how it gets rooted in schools and affects lives so quickly. Now it seems the trend is on the rise across wider society....

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Passive aggressive bullying

Ask a room full of people to put up their hands if they've been bullied and you’re sure of a positive reaction. Ask if they’ve bullied anyone themselves, you’ll get the opposite reaction. No one wants the B label. But this behaviour has to start somewhere. Recent...

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Why Playing CyberBall Is No Fun

Its easy to kid ourselves we’re more independent than we are. Today you can remove yourself physically from community living; work from home, chat via social media and even shop without entering a store. We no longer need to fit in to survive like we did when we lived...

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Why bullying is worse on birthdays

  Birthdays are a big deal. When you’re older not so much so, but when you’re turning nine  for example it’s a huge event.  So it’s natural to want to celebrate, maybe even have a party.  Problem is that if you are being bullied  it won’t seem like that. If you...

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Why Snapchat Streaks Can Cause Anxiety

Has the Snapchat craze gone too far? You may have read in the media about  Snapchat streaks causing bullying and intimidation. The following are a few notes for parents and users about how this popular social media game began. How it functions. Snapchat is an app that...

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