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Being bullied? Then email us at We will do all we can to help.

Bullying can destroy a life, and not just that of the victim.

Bullying exists online, at school and in the wider community.  We’re here to help those who suffer from bullying, but also to help their families, their teacher’s and their friends. But we also want to help bullies to change, because no one bullies because they are happy with themselves, and so they damage other people. 

About AAB

Act Against Bullying was formed in 2000, due to concerns about the escalation of bullying in the UK.

The mission is to be able to provide  young people with practical advice if they are being bullied.

AAB is one of the longest running voluntary anti-bullying charities in the UK. More HERE.

Feeling helpless, humiliated, depressed?  Dealing with a bullying at school college or university can be hard. On this site we have information for children, teens, young adults, parents and teachers. Find out the facts, the effects of bullying and the definitions.

However, our site gets visits from adults of all ages who are coping with bullying in the workplace, their communities or even at home.  Sometimes this information can be helpful and hopefully even uplifting. We hope that our over twenty year of service and research will help to improve your life.

Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. The third is to be kind.

Henry James

Just don’t worry about it! A poem about bullying by Ethan Schofield

(aged 14 at time of writing)

Just don’t worry
What a stupid phrase
Are you really helping
Or encouraging
Maybe it’s just praise
For them,
Who condemn!

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What you can find on this site:

Types of bullying: We discuss the different forms of bullying today, which includes physical, emotional and modern harrassment such as cyberbullying, cyberblackmail and cyberstalking.

Bullying in schools: Like so many other parts of the world, bullying in UK schools is a growing problem.  On this site there are resources which we have created to assist both teachers and parents with this difficult issue.

What bullying is:There is a fine line between banter, teasing and deliberate abuse of power.

Definition of bullying:Act Against Bullying sets out the various ways to assess whether behaviour is considered to be harrassment.  We cover the facts about bullying as well as the history.

Adult Bullying: When does a bullied child become an adult victim?  Feeling helpless humiliated and depressed? There is evidence that young people who suffer from bullying at school can be traumatised later in life.  We hope to discuss these issues on these pages and what you can do to counter the effects if you have been affected.

Workplace bullying: The charity gets a lot of interest from people are suffering in the workplace. Hopefully some of the information on these pages can assist if you are caught up in a toxic office situation.  However, primarily we aim to advise younger people and their parents.

Links to other sites: There are many other organisaitons offering advice and we suggest you check out other well known charities such as Childline or Kidscape. these out as well.


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