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Boarding School Bullying

Bullying has long been a part of the boarding school ethos, particularly in boys institutions. As a result many children are suffering in secret physical and psychological intimidation.The bullying can come from their peers and in some cases housemasters and teachers. Very often they are unwilling to report it as they feel that they will receive unsympathetic responses.

‘That’s just what happens here and you have to put up with it,’ one victim told AAB. ‘You’re sent to boarding school to toughen up and if you can’t take it then you’re considered a bit of a loser’.

‘I would be letting the family down if I left this place,’ we were told by another. He explained to us that his father, uncles and grandfather had been through the same establishment. ‘The ridiculous thing is that I will probably send my children here.’

'The girls can be really mean if they don't like you. They cut a girl's hair off once while she was sleeping.'

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