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Research shows if you are kind, you could also be cool

Kindness can be a new trend and young socialites do have a part to play.. Recent research from the States  (Princeton University, Rutgers University and Yale University ) shows that when it comes to acting against bullying in class it's up to children themselves to...

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Will UK Stalking Law changes help act against bullying?

Stalking law changes could help bullying victims. The fact that stalkers in Britain could face longer jail sentences under a tough new crackdown must in some way be of comfort to victims of bullying. Stalking, harassment and bullying are loosely linked. One can lead...

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Should schools ban smartphones in class?

Most modern parents complain about it. The Mobile Phone.. Their teen constantly jabbing at their screen in an attempt to answer every `LOL’ or `You there babe?’. The fact you’re half way through dinner or trying to fix on some crucial fact at the time makes it even...

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This epidemic of sexual bullying needs to be stopped

In September last year, it was revealed that there were 5,500 sexual offences recorded in UK schools between 2011 and 2014. Within these figures, there were 4,000 alleged physical sexual assaults and more than 600 reported rapes. So, last week, the Women and...

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